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About AWT Environmental Services

Company History

AWT Environmental Services was incorporated in March of 1982. Since then, the company has grown and diversified to becoming one of the most qualified and reputable environmental contractors in the Middle Atlantic Region. The company provides services to various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, transportation, health care facilities, insurance carriers, general contractors and environmental consultants.

In 1993 the company was purchased by the current owners and the company has grown fivefold since that time. AWT has expanded in the ensuing decades through a combination of carefully planned organic growth and selective acquisition, each of which raised the company to a new plateau of capabilities. Acquired companies include Environmental Management Strategies, American Northeastern Contracting and Subsurface Remediation and Investigation.


AWT is comprised of some of the most qualified, diverse and experienced personnel in the industry. Their backgrounds range from construction to civil engineering to geology to hazardous materials handling. Some have come from various competitors and others have been developed at AWT for as many as 30 years. This is a great source of pride and strength for the company. AWT is divided into essentially 4 departments: sales, estimating, operations and administration, with 2 specialty divisions: treatment systems and drilling/injection, all of which are integrated in a manner designed to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers.

Purpose and Mission

AWT’s goal is to become the most highly valued environmental services contractor in the regions we serve. Specifically, the company provides the hands-on piece of the puzzle, providing the skilled labor, proper equipment and appropriate methodologies to handle soil, groundwater, contaminated media and hazardous waste issues that have been deemed necessary by owners, consultants and regulatory agencies. AWT places a high priority on health and safety a while maintaining a constant balance between quality, responsiveness and cost-competitiveness.

The company’s primary existence is to help customers operate in an area that is industrial, densely populated and highly developed, while located within a very sensitive ecosystem. AWT does this by providing owners reasonable, cost-effective site solutions and helping consultants implement their designs to ultimately achieve compliance and other goals. Society’s lifestyle depends upon industry’s success and growth as well as the health of our natural resources.