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Earth Moving & Landfills

AWT provides a large array of earth moving and landfill services at sites across the Eastern United States.

Earth Moving & LandfillsThese include county & municipal as well as privately owned landfills and historic dump sites.

AWT’s staff includes highly experienced remediation & construction managers who have worked for some of the top firms in the industry. In addition, AWT’s field crews & heavy equipment operators have the training & skills to handle the large-scale grading, contours, spreading, compaction & other soil moving factors needed to meet the complex specifications generally associated with this type of work.

AWT can install caps constructed of clay, HDPE liners & other materials, as well as building or expanding cells, constructing access roads & installing piping. AWT has also performed wetlands mitigation & restoration at a number of landfills & similar sites.

What we offer

  • Landfill Closure
  • Low-Permeability Clay Capping
  • HDPE Liner Installation
  • Pipe Installation & Repair
  • Lagoon & Impoundment Closure
  • Cell Construction & Expansion
  • Excavation & Grading
  • Debris Screening & Waste Removal
  • Wetlands Mitigation & Restoration
AWT Environmental Services

Call AWT Today! 1-800-732-7701