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AWT’s treatment system division was expanded in 2009 with the acquisition of American Northeastern Contracting. AWT is now a leading regional contracting company that specializes in the installation, upgrade & maintenance of in-situ remedial systems for soil, ground water & subsurface vapors.

AWT’s takes your design, along with any recommendations we offer through our hands-on experience, and builds the system to the specifications provided. This includes all the necessary trenching, piping, conduits, etc. in addition to installing the various filters, scrubbers & blowers needed to power the system & treat the media being remediated.

AWT has installed systems on a variety of sites, including retail malls, industrial buildings, warehouses, office complexes, service stations & many more.

  • Ground Water Pump & Treat
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Enhanced Flow Recovery (EFR)
  • Air Sparging
  • Subslab Depressurization / Vapor Mitigation
  • Private Utility Location / “Soft Digs” / Potholing
  • System Upgrade, Maintenance & Demolition
  • Carbon Vessel Changeouts
  • Loss Prevention Safety (LPS) Trained