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AWT is one of the most qualified environmental contractors in the regions we serve. The following factors provide a baseline understanding of why AWT is an excellent choice for your next project:

More Than 3 Decades in the Industry

AWT has been in the industry since 1982 and has been an environmental contractor the entire time. Over the years the company has continued to grow and take on ever larger and more complex sites and environmental issues. The company has thrived throughout 30+ years of every type of political climate, economy, weather, regulatory environment and industry trend to continue serving as one of the leaders in the services we provide. AWT has performed services for and under the direct oversight of Fortune 500 companies, the USEPA, the Department of Defense and many regional organizations.

Experienced and Well Trained Staff

AWT has assembled a remarkable staff, comprised of some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the industry. AWT’s sales, estimating, and operations support personnel all have field experience, OSHA training and backgrounds in various disciplines related to site remediation, tank management, excavation, construction, earth moving, hazardous materials handling, trucking, water management, drilling, remedial systems and myriad other skills. They have garnered their experiences working at other leading firms as well as development within AWT for many years.

Thorough & Timely Proposals

AWT has a full time staff of professional estimators, a function in which the company owners also participate. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate proposal given the information available at the time. There is no fine print – AWT attempts to reveal any known cost so that you can properly budget your project and will recommend alternatives where advantageous.

Diversity of Capabilities

AWT is diverse in its capabilities, which is to our customers’ advantage. Having a vast array of services allows you to minimize the number of contract agreements and prequalification processes. Further, by having cross-trained field crews capable of many tasks, AWT can be very competitive on projects with multiple scopes or areas of concern.

Conventional & Innovative Technologies

AWT offers both conventional approaches such as excavation, grading and capping along with more innovative technologies such as in-situ treatment, injection, oxidation, etc. This allows us to handle not only multiple projects, but individual projects with multiple methodologies. For example, some projects may require a combination of product recovery, gross contamination removal and in-situ treatment of residual and difficult to reach contaminants.

Proficiency in Dealing with Complex Projects

The more complex the project, site or problem, the more AWT begins to separate from the pack. AWT is still competitive on the simpler and smaller projects, but fewer companies can handle the larger, more complicated scopes. Sites with advanced shoring or dewatering needs, difficult waste streams and other challenges such as wetlands, adjacent structures, underground utilities, etc. are where AWT excels.

Corporate Commitment to Health & Safety

AWT’s top management is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and is directly involved in training, meetings and plan development. All field employees are trained per OSHA requirements, including HAZWOPER, confined space entry, competent persons in excavations and all other required courses. In addition, AWT’s crews are subject to drug and alcohol testing, medical monitoring and respirator fit tests. Most employees participate in Loss Prevention Safety (LPS) programs as well.

Geared Toward Working with Consultants

AWT works with and under the oversight of environmental consulting and engineering firms on a regular basis. This is manifested in many forms, including respect for chains-of-command and confidentiality, not providing competing services, flexibility with payment, and other commitments to our partners in the industry. AWT is frequently invited by and subcontracted to consultants, but will work with your firm of choice to provide the hands-on solutions in a complementary arrangement.

Financial Stability

In addition to the many technical capabilities, it is important that your contractor be financially stable. By building up equity over more than 30 years through sustainable growth and responsible management, AWT can step onto your project and not look back. AWT is never shut down or delayed over project financing, and there is no concern for actions by lower tier subcontractors or laborers. Further, AWT carries a significant insurance policy which includes general, automobile, pollution and workers compensation at or above the limits generally required of an environmental contractor and has the ability to provide performance, payment and maintenance bonds. Our insurance and bonding companies all have an A-rating or higher.

AWT Environmental Services

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