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Storage Tanks

Petroleum & chemical storage tanks represent a significant source of environmental releases.

Storage TanksAWT is capable of cleaning & removing underground or above ground tanks & their contents. AWT is also capable of handling discharges to the soil & ground water, including full remediation & restoration.

AWT’s crews are fully trained with OSHA health & safety, purging & inerting techniques, confined space entry, excavation & tank regulations. AWT handles not only oil & gasoline tanks, but those containing flammable solvents, chlorinated organics, oxidizers & a range of chemical products. We have removed tanks ranging from 275 to 125,000 gallons, comprised of steel, fiberglass, concrete & other materials.

When you consider the myriad of potential hazards emanating from tank storage, it pays to deal with a contractor who is dedicated to protection of the environment & customer needs.

What we offer

  • Underground Tank Removal
  • AST Cleaning & Dismantling
  • Refinery & Terminal Services
  • Abandonment-in-Place
  • Chemical & Petroleum Tanks
  • Product & Sludge Disposal
  • Response to Discharges
  • Soil Excavation & Removal
  • Ground Water Treatment
  • Monitor Well Installation
AWT Environmental Services

Call AWT Today! 1-800-732-7701