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Hazardous Waste

AWT recognizes that in today’s environmentally conscious society, proper waste management is essential.

Hazardous WasteGenerators feel secure in knowing that AWT can assist your organization with the intricate web of waste regulations, as well as the hand-on handling, packaging & removal of hazardous and solid wastes at your site.

AWT’s lab pack chemists segregate laboratory waste according to chemical compatibility, then package & ship per DOT requirements. Automated manifest preparation & labeling are also provided.

Our ultimate product is a balance between compliance, cost reduction & liability minimization

AWT is thoroughly familiar with RCRA, TSCA & state regulations associated with waste classification, management & documentation & is particularly adept at applying this knowledge to special circumstances, such as remediation.

What we offer

  • Lab Pack Segregation
  • Bulk Solids & Liquids Removal
  • Drum Consolidation & Disposal
  • Soil Recycling & Re-Use
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • PCB Equipment & Oils
  • Fuels Blending & Incineration
  • Reactives & Cylinders Deactivation
  • Low-Level Radioisotopes
  • Sludge Removal & Disposal
  • Universal Waste Recycling
AWT Environmental Services

Call AWT Today! 1-800-732-7701