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AWT Makes Major Strides in Health and Safety

AWT Makes Major Strides in Health and Safety

Over the past decade, AWT has experienced significant growth in terms of revenue, personnel and project size and complexity. In the process, company management never lost sight of our commitment to employee health and safety. Health and safety in integrated into all of AWT’s processes, and we worked with Emilcott Associates to develop a formal corporate health and safety program.

Further, AWT hired Ms. Elyse Barry as our full-time health and safety manager. Elyse brings many years of experience since obtaining her degree at Stockton University, including having worked at EWMA and Merrill Lynch where she helped monitor employees exposed during the events of 9/11. Elyse performs site inspections, monthly H&S meetings, refresher training and many other functions at AWT.

AWT is also prequalified in several third party audit systems, such as ISNet, Browz and Avetta
(formerly PICS), and currently maintains an A-rating. AWT also boasts a current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of just 0.76, for which we are very proud.