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AWT Environmental Services and Summit Drilling Site Remediation Solution

AWT Environmental Services and Summit Drilling have a proven-effective site remediation solution that provides environmental consultants with unequaled efficiency and results

AWT Environmental Services / Summit Drilling Alliance
Project Reference Site
Retail Petroleum Station

AWT and Summit team members working together at this active retail petroleum station in Southern Mercer County

Project Description: AWT Environmental Services and Summit Drilling teamed on an in-situ remediation project at a former UST farm and currently active service station. The combined team was contracted to perform the injection of Sodium Persulphate activated with alkaline active Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) utilizing direct push technology. The scope of work called for four separate injection events each with 9,000lbs of Sodium Persulphate and 1000 gallons of NaOH.

Recommended Approach: The benefit of the alliance between AWT and Summit was quickly realized. Project leaders of each team presented a change of strategy to the client. The proposed revision was to switch from direct push to re-injectable points utilizing sonic drilling technology.

This resulted in improved formational connectivity and therefore better delivery – and less time and effort. The change in approach greatly enhanced the safe delivery of the product into the formation. As an active gas station, the team’s approach also dramatically reduced the amount of equipment and footprint required to successfully complete the injection events while handling the large volumes of aggressive remedial chemicals required for each delivery event.

Results:  The combined planning and execution of the AWT and Summit team cut the delivery time of the injection events in half. While the original approach allocated ten days per event, the team’s recommended change in strategy enabled the delivery of full volume in just four days per injection event.

Stay tuned for more information about this strategic alliance, project reference site data and industry presentations highlighting this new capability.