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As AWT’s Drilling & Injection Division reaches its 12th anniversary, what began as a handful of projects has grown to hundreds per year!

Sure, we’re very proud our success and the talented team of people who have grown this division, but it’s the capability we’ve attained and our capacity to help more customers remediate their client’s sites that matter most to us.

AWT’s Drilling & Injection Division

Growth represents many benefits to AWT’s environmental remediation customers, partners, and our people. For example, today’s compliance-driven deadlines can often dictate the speed in which a project must be completed and the subsequent agility a contractor must have to adapt.

In the past a remediation program could be planned for two years. Now, that same program is being completed in two months and sometimes even weeks! With the expansion of our drilling equipment, injection platforms, and the addition of experienced personnel, we are able to deliver consistently for our customers in this ever-changing, dynamic environment.

Experience Matters

AWT’s staff are well-known professionals with decades of remediation experience. “We maintain strong relationships with our injection materials vendors and work equally well across the spectrum of injection products,” says Mr. Baxter Duffy, AWT’s division manager for drilling and in-situ remediation. “Our experience with such a wide range of them allows us to maintain an agnostic approach giving our environmental customers confidence that our recommendations are centered on what we know is the best material for an identified contaminant and the geological make up housing it.”

AWT’s drilling capabilities include both direct-push soil borings and full monitoring well installation, utilizing both hollow stem auger and air rotary drilling techniques. AWT also has custom-built units designed to access difficult areas such as narrow alleys & inside of buildings. Being one of the few, if not the only company in the area, with our own drill rigs, licensed drillers, trucks, drivers and hauling licenses, AWT can seamlessly provide drilling, injection and IDW management under a single umbrella unlike any other contractor.

The division’s injection team performs in-situ injection for the treatment of soil or ground water, including various technologies including chemical oxidation, enhanced bioremediation, oxygen- & hydrogen-release compounds. Their most successful projects have coupled these innovative technologies with conventional means for the removal of product & gross contamination.

Solid Relations and a Wide Range of Expertise

AWT’s Drilling & Injection Division has worked with all of the industries most trusted vendors, such as Evonik, Provectus, Terra System, Tersus, Regenesis, SiREM, RNAS, Hepure and Carus.

These are highly value relationships that are interdependent in remediation success. AWT counts on the quality and effectiveness of the injected product while the materials makers count on AWT to use it properly.

“It’s important for us to be experienced with all of the major materials vendors,” states Peter J. Postorino, President of AWT. “Our customers’ projects include a very wide range of contaminants and geological formations. Because of our broad services platform, we can manage complex projects as well as the many variables that inherently emerge on site. For example,” he continues, “we can use our excavation services to remove the contamination in the unsaturated zone near the surface and then inject to address residuals that are in the underlying bedrock or clay. If you need product recovery for the gross contamination, or treatment under a building, or a vapor mitigation system, the scopes of work we’ve delivered successfully over the years puts us in a rare class of contractors.”

AWT’s Drilling & Injection team is highly experienced with nearly all injection materials, including:

  • calcium peroxide
  • ozone
  • Fenton’s reagent
  • permanganate
  • sodium persulfate
  • sodium percarbonate
  • emulsified vegetable Oil
  • zero valent iron
  • carbon donor substrate
  • carbon absorptive media
  • biological augmentation
  • cytochrome P450s
  • laccases
  • hydrolases
  • dehalogenases
  • proteases
  • lipases

Achieve Successful Outcomes

Accurate site characterization and developing a conceptual site model are key to effective in situ remediation. AWT Environmental has the leadership, talent, experience, training, equipment, certifications, and vendor relationships to deliver a full turn-key solution.

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AWT Environmental Services

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