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How to Close Out a Remediation Project with Clarity and Confidence

Regardless of what happens before or during the project, it is often the final impression you leave after the project is complete that will set the tone for the future relationship between contractor and consultant.

In our previous articles, we discussed how proper planning and data analysis provide the foundation for an accurate remedial excavation project scope and estimate with fewer surprises. While the heavy lifting that happens before the project is largely responsible for a smooth field operation, consistent success in the field is also determined by the contractor’s resources, financial strength, and ability to seamlessly adapt to challenges and obstacles.

How confident are you that your contractor will provide all required documentation to close out a project? Will the accuracy of that information ensure that you’re in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations? How confident are you that any hiccups or missteps along the way have been identified and corrective actions will be taken? How confident are you in the contractor to continuously improve and meet your expectations in the future?

A proper closeout package from the contractor and meaningful communication between contractor and consultant are essential to ending each project on a positive note and providing the level of accountability that all parties deserve.

The Closeout Documentation Package

Producing a proper closeout package should be a standard, baseline expectation. We know that this can a point of frustration for consultants who have worked with contractors that don’t have the resources and/or experience to produce such a package with sufficient detail and accuracy.

Many don’t know what they don’t know and can’t produce, and it shows.

Documentation is all about transparency and accountability. It backs up everything in the invoice. It shows the contractor did what they said they did. It validates activity. It shows the property was left in better condition than it was before the project started. Gaps in information can create doubt and confusion and make the client wonder whether they should find new partners for their next project.

A solid closeout package should include, but is not limited to:

  • As-Built Drawings
  • Clean Fill Certificates
  • Concrete Testing Results
  • Waste Disposal Documents
  • Compaction Tests
  • Permits
  • Site Safety Documents
  • Product Warranties (Where Applicable)

The Debriefing

Closing out a project is not just a matter of providing a set of documents, packing up your stuff, and sending an invoice.

Contractors truly show their integrity and commitment when they’re willing to show up after the project is complete to talk about what went right and what went wrong. They can then collaborate with the consultant to identify the root cause of any issues so they can be addressed at the source.

Post-project debriefing is the difference between talking about continuous improvement and actually taking steps to improve. It’s also about compliance, quality assurance, tightening up processes, and ensuring the next customer has the best possible experience.

Any contractor should welcome the opportunity to sit down with the consultant after a remediation excavation for a detailed debriefing, which is likely to be educational and informative for both sides. Debriefing is an especially valuable exercise for younger, aspiring professionals who are coming up through the ranks and have the most to gain professionally by learning from every project.


When evaluating contractors for remediation excavation projects, we encourage you to evaluate companies based on how they operate before and during the project, and how far they’ll go upon completion to provide clarity and confidence when closing the project.

A project closeout package and a collaborative debriefing process can go a long way to building alignment in priorities and operations while strengthening the relationship and positioning both parties for sustained success.

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